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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 19, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it would help the area. the idea is to extend bart beyond richmond where it currently stops. the representative for this area is the new district 7 director. he tells the "contra costa times" that he thinks bart should extent along interstate 80 to hercules with stops in san pablo and points out i-80 is the most congested freeway and the bart line is needed to ease this clogged area. >> he says he is aware this would come with challenges and they don't know how much it would possibly cost. he believes where there is a political will, there is a way. he thinks this is what the people want the he was elected in november. he is new but he plans to fight for this extension. >> thank you, amy. >> in this morning, pope francis has officially begun the
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ministry this morning as the 266th pope. here is a look at pope francis greeting dignitaries and religious leaders in st. peter's basilica, shaking their hands and greeting them, one by one. >> francis urges presidents, and sheiks and thousands of ordinary who gathered for the mass at st. peter's square do protect god's creation, the weakest and the poor it. he toured the square in an open air vehicle amid hundreds of thousands of people would gathered to see him and stopped and got out to bless a severely handicapped man and hold a child. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, will have more on the inaugural mass next half hour. >> developing news where police are on the scene of a fatal shopping involving a man in a stolen car. the man was speeding away from
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officers in unmarked police cars and the chase ended in unincorporated east san jose where he put the car in reverse and sped toward an officer who was out his car. they say the officer fired a shot and hit the suspect in the head. abc7 news reporter, cornell bernard, has witness reports. we will go live with reports in 30 minutes. >> we are learning disturbing new details of a child care center if livermore suddenly shut down by state regulate lates on friday involving the universal preschool known as the sunny side infant and preschool. regulators found a number of violations including an infant sleeping in a high chair, a worker without a proper background chin, -- check, and the improper restraining of children. investigators shows photos of the baby with a blanket tied around their body and another around their ankles. >> they have always been very nice and it has been lie after
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lie after high when you call to get a refund and suddenly, they say they only worked part time. >> universal's director and employee are named. they are trying to ban them from working at any licensed child care center. >> this could be a massive settlement for the widow of a well-known bay area journalist killed in an accident. former oakland tribune reporter bill grand was hit by a train in 2009. he died at the hospital two weeks later. a lawsuit claims that he was in a crosswalk when he was hit. today, the agency's board will discuss whether to approve a $900,000 payout to his widow. >> in palo alto, the man arrested for stealing 10,000 prescription pills will be in court today for arraignment. the 34-year-old worked at the palo alto medical foundation. investigators say he broke into
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the pharmacy overnight on march 2, and stole several drugs. the drugs were covered along with drug paraphernalia in his hope. >> people can breeze ether this morning after a suspected metropolitan lab has been dis-- a meth lab has been dismantled. we brought this story to you live. police are carped after chemicals were discovered in a home near the lake. a 25-year-old was arrested at the scene and haz-mat was called in to remove materials from the home in san francisco the neighbors were evacuated but let back in a short time later. >> spring is about to "spring" on us. before we get there, today's weather will bring a few showers. >> a few stray showers. >> tomorrow at 4:02 before become on the air at 4:30, we
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will be in spring. we have a dry deficit for the year, near 6.5" in santa rosa, and 5.5" deficit in san francisco and oakland and 3.5" in livermore. today we just have spotty sprinkles, mostly cloudy this morning with temperatures in the up if per 40's near 50 and hanging in the 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's at noon with thicker clouds and the sprinkles develop in the afternoon and become more organized in the form of light rain during the evening hours but it will be very, very light. temperatures will be mild as the wins come from the south and southwest and near 60 in the evening away from the coast. tomorrow, we will have rain in the morning and it will be spotty in the afternoon and mid-50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us and 70's in the forecast with breezy and increasing sunshine and thursday the 70's inland but we will be close to 70's around the bay by friday, also. sue? >> good morning, mike, hello
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everyone, we have good looking commute if you travel san jose, northbound, 87, beyond the h.p. pavilion the off-ramp, we are here and traffic is very, very light. no problems here. a solo pinout in fremont, and it is of 50 of northbound 880, partly blocking the south fremont boulevard ramp so not any lane closures on the freeway, and the drive out of antioch is looking good this morning, very minor delays as you move toward pittsburg and into concord on westbound 84. >> making a pitch to hispanic voters, significant immigration plan that a republican senator will unveil this morning. >> smartphones, stab lets and streaming video, a survey reels how -- reveals how connected we are. >> but first this morning's money report. >> feel the effects of cyprus, markets lost ground over the we
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island nation and possibility of a euro zone crisis with the dow jones industrial average falling 2 points for the second consecutive loss. and yoga is -- a yoga company is pulling yoga pants. >> and a fast food chain is offering a turkey burger for limited time and if it is popular i could be part of burger king's regular menu. that is america's
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, calculate bell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> on this use morning, it is the last day of winter. this is the embarcardero and bay bridge. we are checking traffic and following the weather with updates on both. >> the marine mammal center is caring for an increasing number of elephant seal pups that have been stranded. as of yesterday there have been 16 malnourished pups rescued so far and more are expected. if you see one, the mammal center says leave the pup alone and call the rescue center. according to officials, many of the seals just finished weening after four to six weeks with their mom who have left for whatever reason and the pups are on their own. some have yet to get in the
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water. >> the nuclear disaster in japan two years ago is actually turning out to be a plus for efforts to save the tuna. biologists can now track the migration across the pacific by following trace amounts of radiation in the fish. the radiation came from leaks at the nuclear power complex following a massive earthquake two years ago. the tuna population has shrunk and tracing the migration could bring the numbers back. >> this morning, republican senator rand paul will endorse a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, establishing legal requirements for citizenship. it does come with major conditions. congress would have to agree, first, that progress has been made on boarder security. he will unveil the proposal during a speech to the united states hispanic chamber of commerce, a significant move for a favorite the tea party which is seen as hostile to illegal immigration. that would be the hispanic chamber of commerce.
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>> a new bill could help ensure renters in california get their security deposit return when they move. the bill by the senator forces landlords to pay higher penals if they improperly withhold the deposit and they have to pay interest on the deposits when returned. groups that back the measure say a recent study shows 60 percent of ten amendments reported at least part of their security deposit had been improperly withheld. >> new snapshot of how americans are wired to the internet. the survey shows that the average u.s. household has 5.7 devices with internet access up from 5.3 a few months ago. the fastest growth is in tablets 5,3 percent have one. 57 percent now have a smartphone pc's are the most dominant at 93 percent but that is not increasing. the big it growth in the future is expected to come in smaller
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tablets. >> hard to put the desk top in your pocket. >> that is why your pants keep ripping. >> thank you for noticing. >> i am glad you went to pockets and not somewhere else...let's check the forecast. >> the sky shows sprinkles coming down. >> outside i will show you what is going on with the live doppler 7 hd which is more active in the afternoon and evening and overnight. right now it is showing no organized areas of wet weather and a sprinkle or two is possible this morning but not enough to make your commute slick. not enough that you will need an umbrella. here is a look from our roof camera. you can see how beautiful the air is, nice and clean looking to the bay bridge. santa rosa is 45 and napa is friend and livermore is 49, and los gatos at 47 degrees. we will now talk about sprinkles
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to light rain is ahead. it will be unsettled tomorrow with a chance of rain in the morning and scattered showers in the afternoon. we have spring warmth this weekend. put the umbrellas way back in the back of the closet again, because we will not need them for a while and you could be able to bring out the brighter and lighter clothes. for temperatures, as you head inland mid-to-upper 60's and during the afternoon hours, the best chance of anything organized falling is mainly in the north bay and closer to the coast where we will be in the mid-to-upper 50's and low-to-mid 60's around the bayshore. tonight, you can see a little more in the way of radar runs, our future radar runs and better chance of organized wet weather. look how mild it will be tenth. upper 40's to mid-50's. this is not the usual winter storm coming from alaska, this is coming up from hawaii and bringing a hot of warmth and moisture. unfortunately, this cold front and this low are losing steam right now so we have this moist amount of flow that keeps us so
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warm for today even with the cloud cover. we cannot get the cold slump to trigger the rain. the clouds are getting thicker and lower to the lunch hour. you can see the scattered light rain is developing headed to the evening rush and through the evening hour. the cold front comes through and it is weaker but it is a focal mechanism which is why you see the steady rain, brief liquor moving through the bay area in the morning commute to around noon and it becomes very random, light showers, headed in the afternoon. when you lose the sunshine the clearing takes place and it is over at quarter to half an inch and half that in the south bay and double that in the north bay. we will look at your seven-day outlook and the storm system doesn't have a lot of cold air so temperatures are about two to five degrees cooler because of the rain cooled air but through the weekend the temperatures are
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above average but the coast are we stuck in the 50's. >> a good looking tuesday commute traveling into berkeley westbound 80 to the berkeley curve and a little bit of company there but everything is moving at the limit and you funnel to the bay bridge and everything is light with no delays on the upper deck. we have a soily spin out in fremont, partly blocking the ramp to south fremont boulevard in the northbound 880 direction so i do see slowing approaching that on the freeway itself so we will be aware of that and watching that. checking in with all mass transit, bart, muni, and california train everyone is checking in on time. >> embarrassment for loulou lemon. >> and the biggest heart heist in united states history is being cracked.
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>> new this morning, the f.b.i. says they crack add decade's old, $500 million art heist from a boston museum, 23 years ago yesterday, the largest property heist in u.s. history took
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place, two men posing as police officers made off with 13 pieces of precious art work from the likes of degas and vermeer. the statute of limitations has passed but the f.b.i. who knows who stole the art. they hope to find the painting with $5 million reward that stands. >> we have a first look at the most memorable dresses warn by princess diana before they were sold to the highest bidder, the collection of ten gowns will be auctioned off in london including the blue velvet gown worn to a 1985 state dinner at the white house where she danced it is designed to show her evolution from young newly wed to style maker with a look at the dresses at 7:00. and now her son's wife, kate, is the style maker.
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>> good news for basketball fans and turkey burger lovers. he is jane king with that and the up-scale athletic maker's reputation is wearing thin. >> good morning, lemon warning of a shortage of yoga pants saying it removed 17 percent of the signature black pants from store shelves because poor fabric quality potentially made the pants see through. they are offering full refunds and change for anyone who purchased the pants after march 1 and says it could take $22 million sales hit because of the problem. >> the fast break for twitter starting today we will tweet instant replays of ncaa game highlights at march madness and at march madness tv. "usa today" says the first video tweet is expected during game one tonight. a burger king making a new effort to appeal to health conscious customers, rolling out a limited $4 turkey burger.
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the associated press says burger king is the biggest fat food chain to offer the burgers and to increase foot traffic is offering a one dollar latte. >> turkey burgers, vegetable burger, have it your way...making me hungry. >> now a check with mike and the forecast. >> nice day to be outside walking around with your umbrella if your hand. at 87, it looks quiet in san jose, where the temperature is going to be 6 a like it was year, and concord is 67 and fremont and oakland and san francisco one to two degrees cooler and santa rosa four degrees cooler so not noticeable the a few radar runs and that is just sprinkles developing and high elevation snow is possible headed toward the evening hours and 55 in tahoe and near 70 in sacramento and best chance of rain is 56 and los angeles is
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70. sue? >> good morning, happy tuesday, we do have further details on this accident in fremont. c.h.p. is checking in now, telling us if the solo spin out on-ramp to northbound 880 we are seeing a little bit of slowing northbound 880 if that area and speaking of slowing, you have speeds of 37 miles per hour up and over the altamont pass and it pick up in live more. here is a look at the drive time, 580 is 25 minutes into dublin/pleasanton and highway 4 west, 23 minutes into concord and 80 freeway is looking good all the way to the macarthur maze at under 15 minutes. >> 5:25. >> thousands of catholics gather for pope francis' inaugural mass. >> but, first, sky 7 shows the scene in san jose after undercover officers opened fire. ahead, why investigators say those officers had no choice.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 5:28 on this tuesday. look who is back. hope you are feeling better. >> a little better. >> you are here. 5:28. >> kristen sze? mike has a look at the weather forecast. >> well start with live doppler 7 hd and this is good news for are you this morning as we look at the time at 5:28, no radar return. still dry out there as far as the clouds just not giving it up. they did in the form of a few sprinkles overnight but right now it is quiet. if we do get sprinkles and you
5:27 am
see them let me know. 49 at lafayette, 48 in san ramon, and 49 in milpitas and san mateo and the richmond district and 46 in novato and cupertino. the gray sky today will give us sprinkles from time to time and temperatures in the low-to-upper 60's in the bay and mid-to-upper 60's inland and school at the coast mid-to-upper 50's. how is the commute? >> good morning, everyone, if you are traveling from hayward to foster city, and the san mateo area, the bridge is looking good with a few brake lighters to the high-rise but looking at 15 minute drive. no delays at the bay bridge and traffic is slowing nicely into san francisco through treasure island and, again, the solo spinout causing a bit of slowing northbound 880, the eastbound fremont boulevard on-ramp to northbound 880, the car and tow truck requested so 50' of cable
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could be delaying you on the freeway. the drive from antioch is slowing, the republicannial slow down from antioch to pittsburg and it picks up into concord. >> developing news from the south bay where detectives are investigating the second fatal shooting involving san jose police this month. this time, officers say a suspect was using a car as a weapon. abc7 news is near the scene. cornell? >> still an active scene in east san jose. police are trying to put folk exactly what happened yesterday. several vehicles were involved in this incident including undercover police cars but at the center of it all, a white be two door honda that remains on the scene. that car tried to run over the officer before the officer opened fire. we were over the scene minutes after it happened at 6:45 on
5:29 am
monday night. police say san jose police were on a special task force in plain clothes and on a separate case when they spotted the two-door honda which turned out to be stolen. there was a short case. the sheriff deputies say the driver of the honda threw it in reverse, headed toward an officer who was out of the car and the officer fired one shot striking the driver if the head. witnesses wondered if the suspect knew the police were undercover. >> we heard these cars coming around the ice cream truck and we came out of our houses and they surrounded a car and we did not hear anything like "put your happens up" just heard two quick shots. pop. pop. >> it is clear the suspect knew because they put their lights and sirens on attempting to stop the vehicle before the suspect tried to ram the two police vehicles and subsequently tried
5:30 am
to accelerate and run over an officer. >> the identity of the dead man has not been released. there was also a male passenger with him. that person is considered a witness now. that person is cooperating with police. there is still a lot of evidence to collect on the scene. police say they could be here for some time. we are live in east san jose this morning for abc7 news. >> developing news from san jose where authorities are looking for an elderly man who went missing yesterday afternoon. the man is 90 years old and suffers from alzheimer's disease. he was last seen around 1:30 yesterday when he went for a walk at the park. anyone with information is encouraged to call san jose police. >> we are following breaking news from nevada. officials are being tightlipped about an explosion at the hawthorne military depot two hours outside of reno. the explosion happened last
5:31 am
night during a marine corps training exercise. several people may have been injured. hawthorne arm to depot is used for disposing of army ammunition. >> pope francis has officially begun the watch over 1.2 billion catholics after the inauguration mass attended by world leaders this morning. he demonstrated a new kind of church leadership focused on the most needy. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, is live with the late it. katie is. >> pope francis making changes this morning. the gospel was read in greek and just six cardinals representing the entire college of cardinals pledged their obedience to the pope, rather than all of the cardinals attending. pope francis wanted a shorter ceremony. he arrived at st. peter's square in an open jeep, a practice not unheard of inside st. peter's square and got out at one point
5:32 am
and laid hands on a disaided man in the audience. after circling and waving for 20 minutes, pope francis received the fisherman's ring and lamb's wool vestment and celebrated a mass and talked about joseph, the father of jesus. today is the feast of st. joseph, pope francis made reference to his predecessor, who we are told watched the mass on tv. most of the homily focused on people helping and protecting each other. >> embraced the whole of humanity with tender affection, especially the poorest and weakest, the least important. >> he ended by asking everyone to pray for him like he did on the day he was elected. among those in the crowd were vice president biden leading the delegation and he has met the pope and shaken his hand. there are delegations from 132 nations there and that include
5:33 am
as delegation from the pope's native argentina. pope francis asked his country men not to come and, instead, donate the money they would spend on travel to the poor. >> new this morning, a new bart director says it is time to revive the idea of extending bart north along i-80. the contra costa time reports that the director wants to bring bart to richmond and hilltop. one alinement has bart running north from richmond bart along the pacifica union railroad corridor but to west contra costa, alignment along i-80 is the only one that attracts rider because development in suburban communities follows freeway, not railroads. >> santa clara city leaders will sign off on a plan to offer millions in concessions to the nfl in exchange for hosting the 2016 super bowl. the city council is willing to
5:34 am
wave the 9.5 percent hotel tax for 350 nfl employees and the two teams that play. they are willing to wave a 10 percent surcharge on game ticket that who is raised $6348. and $4.54 city fee on parking spaces. if santa clara wins the bid, super bowl 50 would be played in the 49ers new name name under construction. the game should generate hundreds of millions in economic activity but a lost that is in san francisco, the official host city. the nfl picks the super bowl host for 2016 on may 22. >> poll finds support for same-sex marriage is at an all-time high. the washington post/abc news poll fines 58 percent of americans now say gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry, a significant increase from 44 percent just three years ago and finds opposition to same-sex marriage has dropped from 55 percent to 36 percent in
5:35 am
the last decade. the poll comes a week before the supreme court takes up the issue of gay marriage. >> santa clara supervisor george shirakawa junior is due in court in april if sentencing. he pleaded guilty in court yesterday to 12 charges connected to misspending taxpayer money. the prosecution says that he used public money and campaign funds to feed his gambling addiction and for parties and golf outings. shirakawa faces a year in jail and barred from ever holding public office again in california. >> the day before spring and we have some sprinkles out there but will we see real rain? >> mike nicco has that. >> we will show you how much warmer it is this morning and how mild the flow is out there and the moisture that kept our temperatures up in the form of humidity. that is the moisture out there right now with a few sprinkles. the streets are all dry this
5:36 am
morning. maybe not the same as you head toward the evening and tomorrow morning is the best chance of a wet commute. two degrees warmer in fairfield to nine degrees warmer in novato and six in oakland and hayward and four from san francisco to san jose. so it is mild this morning with temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's. we will have thicker clouds at noon but with that southwest flow it will be nice outside at low-to-mid 60's away from the coast and you will be in the 50's into the evening and mid-60's at 4:00 with the spotty sprinkles developing and more organized light rain as we head toward 7:00. we will have a better chance of dealing with wide-spread light rain after the sun sets. we have rain tomorrow morning, and the back side of that, just some showers but not a cold, cold frond. low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us away from the coast, and spring warmth is back in the forecast by friday. >> hello, everyone, we are getting first reports of an
5:37 am
overturned accident in the richmond area out of our live shot, you can see the traffic is slight here, and here is what we know is going on, c.h.p. letting us know westbound 80, two right lanes are blocked with an overturn and you can see the backup is going to build as you make your way westbound if they do not get that cleared it will gum up your commute on the east shore freeway so we will follow that for you in the next few minutes. also, back to fremont, the on ramp is blocked with the tow truck there and they needed 50' of cable so it will be some time before they pull that out were that is the ramp to northbound 880. kristen and eric? >> what is leading a bay area county to hold another gun buyback and how much organizers are giving away for the weapons. >> but, first, empty shelves at a bay area food bank and it a bay area food bank and it comes at a [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:42. in palo alto, a city council committee could take a step tonight toward expanding the city's smoking ban to three of the city small urban parks including in the downtown area
5:41 am
and a park in the california avenue business district. our media partner, the "san jose mercury news" reports the city has received numerous complaints of the high legal of smoking at those three areas. if no smoking restrictions at the three parks are approved it could pave the way for an ordinance for all parks. >> and a folk singer went on a hue rant an a show using antigay slur in the midst of giving hero lidgous beliefs about gay people. half the audience walked out and the managers at the restaurant pulled the plug on her performance. >> hypocrisy of the bible, talking about the rapture is coming. the end of days are here. she said god hates. she said you can re-tweet that. encouraged the audience.
5:42 am
>> my reaction was, turn on the lights, town off the microphone and get her off the stage. this cannot happen anywhere especially in this day and age most assuredly in san francisco. ♪ there's one thing >> her show at the tavern in novato has been canceled along with shows in santa cruz, portland and chicago. >> fremont police looking for a brazen thief who made off with $25,000 worth of copper wire taken from a storage yard early sunday. police say a man took a fork lift from a construction site and drove through the storage yard fence and loaded up the fork lit with a 5,600 pound spool of copper wire and dropped it on his truck and drove off. >> food bank surprise are so short they will run out of food by the end of the week with many shelves everyone difficult in
5:43 am
berkeley. the demand is expected to rise in the next week when children are home from spring break and do not have access to school-provided meals. fewer donations and a gap in fundraising left the food bank's $3,000 barrels empty and are asking anyone to donate do so right away with a link at abc7 news under "see it on tv." >> at at&t park it is dominican republic against puerto rico in the world baseball classic. the dominican republic exploded and eliminated the netherlands 4-1. puerto rico beat japan the previous night with the giants' own player getting the final out. they will battle for the title starting at 5:00. who knew the netherlands could play baseball. did you know that? >> i had no idea. >> i thought that but i didn't want to say anything. >> don't want to insult them.
5:44 am
>> they had a great run. >> if you are headed to the finals, what do you think of the weather. worry about sprinkles? >> but that is it. maybe an occasional light rain. get out there and have some fun and show the world what a great baseball town san francisco is. here we go, here is live doppler 7 hd, what we doing is showing you how dry it is outside right now. scattered sprinkles at best this morning and you could wake up with a few drops. here is a look at the ferry building, bay bridge, san francisco, 50, and san mateo 48, and 52 in redwood city, and mid-40's for palo alto and half moon bay, and we look at the east bay you can see how calm it is, the bay bridge toll plaza and most temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's but antioch is the exception at 54, and south bay is 87 and mid-40's to 50 degrees from san jose, cupertino, mountain view, and
5:45 am
milpitas and morgan hill and the north by we are looking at you coming at us here in san francisco across the golden gate bridge and we have petaluma at 41 and everyone else in the mid-40's to around 50. here is what will happen in it will be great for the better part of the day with sprinkles possible. our better chance of light rain, measurable rain, develops later this afternoon into the evening and overnight. we will have a chance of light showers tomorrow. unsettled for about the next 36 hours. radar return, future radar returns there is light rain in the north bay and that is the best chance and the closer you are to the coast. mid-50's for you, low-to-mid 60's around the bay shore. temperatures are close to average if not maybe a degree or two cooler. warmer-than-average day is over for now. tonight, a better chance of rain on the ground with temperatures in upper 40's to mid-50's so another mild start tomorrow morning. here is a hook at the good
5:46 am
morning, very mature system, too mature. it will bring us a lot high clouds, a lot of moisture but not a lot of rain falling from the clouds. there are scattered sprinkles until action with better chance of light rain continuing during the evening hours. here is the best chance of steady rain, a very small window of three hours during the morning and into the mid-morning hours from north to south across the bay and you can see the scattered rain developing in the afternoon. up to half an inch in the central bay and less than that in the south bay and double that in the north bay mountains. the seven-day outlook shows five degrees cooler tomorrow, and spring warmth surges on breezy conditions tomorrow and another delightful spring weekend on the way. >> we will focus on this accident in richmond at 80 westbound an overturned vehicle with two right lanes are blocked. if there is good news, they have
5:47 am
canceled the fire and there minor injuries involved but the backup is extending on toward san pablo and as you move westbound, this is the east shore freeway, westbound, at carlson, we do have a look at the drive times and there is 580, highway four and the 80 commute westbound toward the maze may it is building and a live look beyond the seen of the we east shore freeway is moving nicely because traffic is backing up from richmond. >> coming up at 6:00 the travel ban lifted if some california college students would want to go out of the country. >> next, president obama is getting ready for a trip overseas. the long-standing problem he will be confronted with when he arrives at the destination. >> cash for weapons? the bay area county getting ready to hold another gun buyback
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>> now developing news we brought you earlier, authorities say they found a 90-year-old san jose man who was recorded missing yesterday. he was found safe just a short while ago. authorities were concerned about his safety because he suffers from alzheimer's disease. >> there is going to an second gun buyback if santa clara after a successful high back got 1,100 firearms. it will be held on saturday with
5:51 am
the county using left over money from an early event to fund this buy back. authorities will pay up to $100 for each handgun, shotgun, or rifle and $200 for assault weapons. no questions asked. >> today the. sonoma county supervisors will adopt an ordinance to make it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to sue driver whose intentionally threaten or harass them. the proposal being pushed by bicycling advocates after recent crashes that injured or killed cyclists and pedestrians worked both pays. the ordinance gives the same rights to driver threatened or harassed by cyclists. >> will the pavement be wet for the cyclists? >> mike? >> very remote but possible from what we have seen. most of the sprinkles did not wet the ground but just the cars where it pooled on our night wax
5:52 am
job. from mount tamalpais you can see how clear it is womens cooler than yesterday by one to four degrees. not that noticeable. we have scattered sprinkles across the entire state with snow developing later in the afternoon and evening in tahoe at 55 and near accident in sacramento and best chance of rain is eureka and 56 and 90 in palm springs. safe travels the sue? >> update on the accident in richmond. we go, now, to the backup which is building toward mcbride. what is going on? we have an overturn at karlson, it is. squad up with the right two lanes and our abc7 news ways yap you can see the backup to mcbride at 30-minute drive from highway four to the macarthur maze area. >> president obama leaves washington for the middle east with stops in israel, the palestinian territories and
5:53 am
jordan. he will try and help restart the long stalled israel palestinian peace initiative. he told israel television he wants to hear ideas from both israeli and palestinian leaders before he leaves the president will welcome irish prime minister to the white house today for belated st. patrick's day festivity. >> new york mayor will force stores to put cigarettes out of sight, the first city in the nation to keep the products off the shelfs and says getting cigarettes out of sight reduces temptation to smoke. a spokesman calls this "absurd." >> wanting of diet bars that could be contaminated with salmonella with a recall of protein diet high protein chock hat dream bar which is sold in packages of seven bars with the recall product a "sell by" of august 2015.
5:54 am
no illnesses have been reported so far. >> surprising medical news this morning of the number of people would will develop dementia as they age. a new report says a third of people over the age of 65 have alzheimer's disease or another dementia when they die. the study says that even when alzheimers is not the official cause of death it is a contributor because people can forget to tell someone they have symptoms of an illness. there is in cure for alzheimers. >> two acts of kindness from pope francis during his overnight inaugural mass at the vatican. >> one of the busiest transit agencies. who wants to expand bart into a part of the contra costa county. >> later, new power couple go public. now, that relationship has experts weighing in.
5:55 am
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5:57 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, they call him the people's pope, kissing a crying baby and comfort as sick man at the inaugural mass. he sends a message to thousands of faithful watching around the world. that is the top story this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us before 6:00. >> we get to those stories in a moment but first a check on the
5:58 am
weather. mike? >> dry air. there are a few sprinkles. live doppler 7 hd is waiting on the more organized wet weather for this afternoon into the evening and overnight. we will break down the day. here in the bay at 7:00, 50 with cloudy conditions and thick are clouds by noon and 60 and the drizzle in the afternoon at 63 and better chance of light rain at 7:00 and 59. inland we have had a few drips but it will be mild and dry. through 7:00, upper 40's and clouds and a few breaks possible at noon and 63 but sprinkles in the afternoon and mid-60's. dress for temperatures around 60 with light rain dug the evening hours. at the coast, we are starting off with low ceiling at 300' but visibility is good of the sprinkles and 55 at noon. same at 4:00. better chance of organized light rain at 52. you will be the coolest today. have a good one. >> this is a live look at 80 moving through the berkeley
5:59 am
area. it is relatively light. east of this, at carlson, we have an overturn accident blocking two right lanes of traffic and minor injuries are involved and traffic back to san pablo and the alternate is highway 680 to 24 or through the north bay. right now, again, traffic is backing and two right lanes are blocked at carlson, westbound 80. >> 6:30 1, new this morning pope francis has officially begun the ministry urging princes and presidents and sheiks and thousands of ordinary people who gathered for the mass at st. peter's square to protect god's creation, the weakest and the poorest of the world. before the pope's homily he toured the square in an open air vehicle amid hundreds of thousands who gathered to see him. katie marzullo will have more on the inaugural mass in the next half hour.
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